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100% Secure. 100% Effortless. 100% Worth It.

Tristar Document Shredding provides commercial, community and residential data destruction, hard drive destruction and e-waste recycling throughout the state of Texas. Our mobile shredding unit will travel to your location where the whole process can be witnessed by you, the customer.

Secure data destruction is crucial for regulatory compliance with all major Federal, State and industry regulations. Our mobile data destruction services are an easy and effortless way to ensure that your company is compliant with all major regulations.

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Overwriting, punching and magnetic destruction methods are not 100% secure. The only 100% secure solution is hard drive destruction.

Heavy-Duty Professional Equipment

We are able to remove drives from machines and server banks and we are capable of shredding server drives and turning them into scrap metal. With our state-of-the art equipment we are able to take on the largest and most difficult jobs with ease.

Secure On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

Tristar Shredding is a trusted member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Our mobile shredding unit allows the entire process from start to finish to be witnessed by the customer on location at your facility, ensuring 100% secure data destruction.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our data destruction services help you dispose of confidential information in an environmentally responsible manner. All of the data entrusted to Tristar Shredding is recycled back into the world – not a single fragment will end up in a landfill.

Tristar Shredding services the entire state of Texas with our on-site mobile data destruction unit, allowing you to securely dispose of data in a quick, easy and compliant manner.

Can I Delete Data Myself?

Many people think data destruction is as simple as deleting files and emptying the recycle bin. In reality, when computer files are deleted, the operating system only deletes the links to the data, leaving the actual data still on your hard drive.

Secure data destruction is crucial for regulatory compliance with all major Federal, State and industry regulations. We do not believe in erasing drives, because anything other than shredding drives is time consuming and risky. Data destruction is the only 100% secure method to absolutely ensure that your data is not accessible by anyone.

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